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"Thanks, I have RSI and this program meets my needs."   K. Lieber

What Is WorkPause, And How Can It Help You?

WorkPause is a home or office break reminder - a software program to remind you, when necessary, to stop working for a moment and have a rest break. It has been proven that regular breaks help to avoid tiredness and eyestrain, and reduce the risk of developing RSI or other computer-related diseases.

How it works:

  • You can specify how much time you'd like to work between the breaks, when to have short or long breaks etc.
  • While you work, WorkPause sits in the system tray and shows you the time left until the next pause. It will monitor the intensity of your work and adjust the timing accordingly.
  • When it's time for a rest break, WorkPause will let you know; it can use sound with a small message, or black out the screen to make sure you really stop working.
  • Of course, if you don't like or are unable to stop working right now, you can always postpone or disable the alarms.

Not Just A Reminder

WorkPause is much more than just a break reminder. While you work, it will collect and show you statistics on how you use your computer. It will adjust the frequency and the timings of the breaks according to your tempo. When the day is over, it'll remind you to stop working and go home. And it's fully configurable so you can easily adapt it to the way you work.

Check the detailed features list to learn more.

Why Use WorkPause?

What If You Could Work All Day With Computer, And Still Feel Fresh?

If you work all day, at the end you might feel like this: your back hurts, your eyes are red and tired, and your neck is stiff. And the long hours of work with computers, coupled with the lack of adequate rest can often lead to health troubles like back pain, eye strain, and even Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) which is quite difficult to cure.

WorkPause in action How to prevent this? If you make regular rest breaks and use them to take your eyes off the screen, do some stretches or a short walk around the office, you can easily prevent RSI or avoid eyestrain. Still, deeply immersed in your work, you often forget to rest. What you need is a reminder - like WorkPause.

Read more about WorkPause for home or office or 7 more reasons to use WorkPause

“... coming back to work after a 3 year long R.S.I and it is such a difference after a day with short breaks every 5 minutes!
It makes the whole difference so now I can't live without my workpause!! ;o)
Thanks for a great program!”

Karin Carlmark, Kentor IT, Sweden

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Screenshots (click to enlarge):

The Times Settings

Here you set up how much time you would like to work or rest; the type and the frequency of the breaks, and other settings.

The Activity Tracking

WorkPause can detect when you click the mouse or press a keyboard key, and can adjust (restart or pause) its counter if you have not used the computer for some time.

The Statistics

Get information on how much time you've been working or resting, the number of keyboard or mouse click you've made etc.

The Screen Lock

During the rest breaks, WorkPause can lock the screen to make you stop working (but you can always unlock it or postpone the break if necessary). Other alert types are also supported.

System Tray

When not active, WorkPause sits in the system tray and shows the time left until the next break. As the pause gets near, the digits will turn from green to red, and will start blinking during the last 30 seconds.
The tray icon has blue background during a short break or green background during a long one.

The WorkPause Break Reminder can help you reduce the risk of developing RSI or other computer-related illnesses by reminding you to make regular breaks.

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  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Customizable. The following break types are supported:
    • micro break (every few minutes): stop your work for a few seconds; close your eyes.
    • short break (every 20 minutes): stay at your desk, but look away from the monitor; flex your arms and neck.
    • long break (every hour): stand up, stretch, go for a short walk.
    • Daily break (every day): stop working and go home.
  • Unobtrusive and discrete, sits in the system tray when not active.
  • Supports different notification options (can be selected separately for the different break types):
    • Tooltip
    • Slider Box
    • Message Box
    • Screen Lock
  • Can notify you with sound during the last seconds before break.
  • Can be paused to prevent interrupting you during important tasks.
    (canceling or postponement of the break is also possible).
  • Can monitor the mouse and keyboard usage and adjust the timing of the breaks accordingly.
  • Keeps statistics of the time spent using the computer and the breaks made.
  • Multilanguage support (check the list of supported languages here).
  • Auto-run option, to start it automatically every time Windows boots.
  • Low memory and CPU usage.
  • Works on Windows Vista, XP or 2000.

WorkPause is a break reminder software that can be used at your office or home.
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